Accidental damage Liability insurance provides protection coverage against the financial consequences of loss resulting from the loss of or damage to an aircraft.
Mandatory liability insurance provides protection coverage against third party claims (third parties and passengers) indemnification claims arising from an accident.
Accident insurance guarantees that accident victims or any their legal heirs will receive prompt payment of a sum determined by you the customer.
Business liability insurance provides vendors, dealers, manufacturers and maintenance providers, flying schools, airports, airfields, and hangar lessors with what amounts to "life insurance" for indemnification claims resulting from technical or operational faults. Flying schools, airports, airfields and hangar lessors can take out business liability insurance to protect themselves against liability or recourse claims.
Transport insurance provides coverage protection for the transport of goods of all kinds via air, land or sea, including coverage for slung loads.
This type of insurance protects you against loss arising from the revocation of your pilot’s licensse as a result of illness or an accident.

Insurance ... just in case

Hudson Sky provides the aviation industry with insurance coverage in the Swiss and international markets.

We insure aircraft and aviation companies, in accordance with internationally recogniszed Lloyd’s standards.


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